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Ski and Toboggan Trainer/Evaluator Pics at Gore - Congratulations to Tony Coneski and Mike McGinnis

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Welcome to the Belleayre Ski Patrol home page. The Belleayre Ski Patrol (BSP) is made up of hard working dedicated members. BSP has both full time paid and part time volunteer members.  Although many members are from the local Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley areas, some members travel from as far away as Staten Island,  New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  Like the Belleayre ski area, the BSP is family oriented with an outstanding student patroller training program. 

The BSP members have a wide range of experiences, jobs, and life styles.  This diversity results in strong friendships, team work, and camaraderie, that makes the Belleayre Ski Patrol second to none.

The Belleayre Ski Patrol is proud of our New York City Fire and Police Department members.  The BSP would like to extend our hearts, respect,  and prayers for friends and love ones lost on Sept. 11th

Members of the BSP are trained using published training material provided by the National Ski PatrolAmerican Red Cross, and Belleayre Mountain Ski Center Ski Patrol Policy and Procedure Manual.   This education includes both basic life support and ski area procedures.  The ski area procedures covers areas such as lift evacuation, toboggan handling,  skiing skills, snow boarding skills,  ski area safety, summit dispatcher,  and various other daily procedures.  Basic life support includes Outdoor Emergency Care, CPR, and local AED equipment. 

The Belleayre Ski Patrol would like to thank all those that have made contributions to the BSP or attended our annual chicken barbecue fund raiser.   If you have ever attended our chicken barbecue we hope you enjoyed the food and music.  Our next  barbecue is scheduled for March 12, 2011. 

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